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Sports Bras 101 Part Deux: Types of Sports Bras

Sports Bras 101 Part Deux: Types of Sports Bras


Are you considering becoming more physically active? Alternatively, are you a female sports enthusiast or gym junkie who simply hasn’t discovered the right sports bra for yourself yet? In the contemporary world there is an almost unlimited variety of sports bra designs to choose from. Even better, these often feature different fabrics and support systems. Which designs, though, are ultimately best for you in regard to your cup size and your chief sports requirements?


Sports Bra Buying 101

Firstly, it doesn’t matter what your chosen form of physical activity is. In every case, a great sports bra is a bra which is guaranteed to give optimum support to your breasts when either dancing, jogging, playing with children, or even cleaning up around the house. However, there are three main sports bra designs which every woman should familiarise themselves with.


Compression Bras

Known more casually as crop-tops, compression orientatedsports bra crop top sports bras are composed of strong elastic fibers which compress breasts together against the chest. Perfect for medium to high impact sports, crop-tops feature a crossed strap backing and are designed to prevent any and all breast movements. The only problem is that compression sports bras are only practical for women with C-cup or smaller breasts. This is due to the fact that crop-tops themselves don’t feature individual cups. In turn, the otherwise superb elastic support which crop-tops provide will often struggle to provide support for larger breast sizes.


Encapsulation Bras

Are you of a breastSport Bra size higher than a C-cup? Because of the size limitations of compression bras, women with C-cup or larger sized breasts will often choose to support their chest area using encapsulation sports bras. These are bras which support breasts separately in two carefully structured cups. Benefiting from reinforced straps and backings, encapsulation bras seek to support breasts individually, are suitable for high impact sports and will usually be closed using a dedicated zipper or hook system, in order to provide maximum support and comfort.  


Combination Bras

Are you still struggling to choose which sports bra design might me right for you? If so, combination bras which have cups but which also keep breasts held firmly against the body might be the right choice for you. These offer the best of both designs and are particularly suited to women with larger breasts who have struggled with support issues previously.


Other Factors to Consider

All that said, there are more factors than just cup sizes to consider when choosing a sports bra. Exercises such as running and jumping for example, require the maximum level of breast support possible. In this case, you might find that a combination bra is most suitable given the combination of breast support features. In like manner, skin elasticity decreases with both age and pregnancy. Meanwhile, larger breasts will usually be heavier and subsequently also best served by a combination or encapsulation sports bra.


Of course, all that any of the aforementioned factors mean is that when choosing a sports bra, you should always choose a design which feels comfortable and supportive of you individually. Once you’ve figured this out, there will be nothing to stop you taking to the gym or the running track as comfortably and as confidently as possible.  


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