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Sports Bras 101 Part III: Choosing the Right Bra for You

Sports Bras 101 Part III: Choosing the Right Bra for You


The secret to choosing the right sports bra for you is simple. Your goal is to protect your breasts and your upper body from injury during periods of exertion. This being the case, the best sports bra for you will be one which minimizes your breast movements and allows your breasts themselves to move and be carried with your torso.

Of course, you also want to be able to actually breathe while you exercise. In this case, never choose a design which compresses your chest area to the point where such compression becomes uncomfortable. In like regard, many women will sometimes find that one sports bra simply isn’t enough. Either one bra will only suit one particular form of exercise, or for alternatively, two bras worn at once might be necessary. 

The main thing is not to choose a sports bra simply because of how it looks. You need a bra which suits your body shape and ideally one which you will feel comfortable in everyday, not just during exercise periods.


Sports Bra Features to Consider When Buying


To make things easy, always consider the following when choosing a sports bra:

1.What level of support do you actually need? Consider your age. Consider what kind of exercise you plan on taking part in. Think about what bra size you are usually. Even more importantly, if you feel like you're not getting the support you need from one kind of bra, think about wearing two different bras simultaneously.


2.Now let's look at design features. Again, what kind of activity do you expect to be engaging in? If running or taking part in high-intensity cardiovascular exercise, do you need a sports bra which provides great moisture wicking? In like manner, is your bra supportive enough and are the straps in particular suitably padded for maximum comfort?

Just as importantly, always make sure that the underwire of a bra isn’t going to dig into your breast during exercise. The underwire of your bra absolutely has to fit your breast correctly. In fact, your underwire fitting correctly is just as important as your breast being completely covered and/or encapsulated. Finally then, always make sure also, that the front band of your sports bra sits snugly and directly over your chest bone.


3.Lastly, does your new sports bra actually fit correctly? Different fabrics will fit differently than others, even if officially one bra is the same size as the next. This being the case, try different bra shapes, colors, and fabrics. Meanwhile, remember also that your breast shape can change with both age and even during your menstrual cycle. In this case, don’t be afraid to measure your cup size in much the same way as if this was the first bra you were ever buying.


Aesthetics & Functionality


Have you found the perfect sports bra and are ready to make your way to the sales counter? If so, wait. You’re likely forgetting the most important thing already, this being that the bra you have chosen is meant to support you as best as possible during periods of heavy physical exertion.

Confused? Don’t be. Simply test your new bra by performing a few activities such as stretching and lunging. Are your straps digging in? Are your breasts themselves bulging anywhere? Is the front band sitting as flatly against your breast bone as it should? Even your straps riding upwards as you raise your arms is a sign that your bra won’t support you as best that it could.

All that said, if your new sports bra passes all of the above criteria, congratulations! Once you have the perfect fit, you can say goodbye finally to annoying aches, pains and in general discomfort as you exercise. Even better, many women love the added support that they get from a great fitting sports bra so much, that they often decide to wear sports bras in place of their regular bras. The only question is, will you? Moreover, even if not, how are you specifically going to take advantage of your new mobility now that you have the support you need?


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