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The best beginner dance styles for men

At the center of staying fit and healthy is finding a way to stay engaged - keeping your workouts fun, rewarding and motivating to help avoid the dreaded burnout.

And if the guys among us are honest with each other for a moment; we’ve always wished we were better dancers, haven’t we? Well, there couldn’t be a better way to kill two birds with one stone than by learning to dance. Here is the Be Your guide to learning to dance like a man, so that one day you’ll be dancing with abandon:

Fashionable and fun: start with house dancing

This is an excellent way to do a lot with a little - believe it or not, while the “beginner” video above may look far more complex than you were expecting, it’s surprisingly easy.

House is a social dance that you’ll see at many a club - and gym studio! What’s even better is that a lot of this style is improvised, so once you know the basics you’re left with a lot of early confidence that many other styles won’t offer you.

Disco’s coming back

We’ve all been there: you would never admit it, but every now and then your night will lead to the Saturday Night Fever throw-back club and you wish you knew more than the generic moves.

What’s more, disco has a fascinating history. It can trace its origins to funk and other African-American song and dance styles, and there’s a good chance that its recent come-back has been born from its influence on contemporary electronic music, including artists such as Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Breakbot and Bruno Mars.

If you have a partner, try salsa dancing

You may be surprised to know that salsa is a fusion Latin-American style dance that was born in 1970s New York. Its origins are in Cuban Son, cha-cha-cha and mambo - like all good things, it’s surprisingly difficult to track down its early history. What we do know, though, is that it’s a timeless classic.

Ready to start?

With every style of dance there are plenty of opportunities to learn: YouTube is full of beginner tutorials, local dance studios are popping up everywhere, and you can always get started at home on those colder days. The ultimate tip is to just start by yourself: put on a favourite tune, start with small, natural movements, and see where it takes you. Remember that your inhibitions are all in your head.

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