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About us


We are a young and dedicate team, of women and men, with academic education in health, engineering, fitness/swim and wellbeing. After working overseas for 10 years, we started working in Australia, in2012. During the last years we were working in different areas by ourselves and got together to start a project called “Special Focus”. Recently we created a new partnership with a team from the fashion/design and food business. From that, it was born the project “Beyour”.


What? / How? Why?

 “Beyour” it’s a project that pretends to bring high quality products from overseas. Nowadays, the world is a small place where you can reach different types of experiences and information in a blink of an eye. So we would like to bring you in a click, the challenge of trying: wearing and tasting different products from various places around the world, in the comfort and safety of your favourite spot. Our attention will be focused on products from the fashion and the food markets.

In the first stage, we are looking for new brands to Australia from Europe. We are using a high criteria of selection:

  • economic viability to the Australian market,
  • premium products using high technology and high raw materials,
  • new products to the Australian market,
  • recognised and certified brands.

All of our products are registered and certified by the Australian border.

To bring you these products we create our first on-line store, called “beyour.com.au”.

After several months of searching we are proud to bring to you the first brand from Europe in the fashion area.

 -Susana Gateira clothes:

Recognised for their stylish, versatile and high quality active wear. They describe themselves as “Fashion Fitness”.

Why activewear?

Because our days are completely full since sunrise until sunset, often we feel that our days need more hours…so our best option? To wear something that makes us feel comfortable, active, ready for all the occasions, energised activewear it is a way of life, a culture.

Beyourself. Go for the challenge. Be active leave your positive and healthy footprint! Go for it.


More surprises will come on the next months.


 Hope to see you around in a click!