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SG- Active Wear Designer

SG (Susana Gateira) - The Fitness Fashion Concept 


SG - Susana Gateira is an European fitness and sportswear brand for men and women.

 Established in 1997, in Portugal, the brand soon was recognised for its high quality, use of the latest technologies and premium materials, innovate and stylish design, comfortable fit and shape, high performance of the garments.

“ Fitness Fashion”, is the concept behind the brand’s creation, which has permitted it to grow up in a sustainable way and mark its position in the markets worldwide. Since 2006, this brand has been leader in the Portuguese market and had started conquering the markets around the world, with representations over 20 countries such as Spain, France, England, Holland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Israel, Mauritius, Reunion, Japan, Australia…

In 2010 the quality of this brand was recognised when they were one of the finalist of the ISPO Brand New Awards, at ISPO Munich. And they started being an important presence in fitness meetings, expo, congress with their participation for example at the Filex Expo-Sydney.

 To respond to the demands of the clients, with a unique, durable, good looking, high performance products the fitness line was reinforced with dance, urban and casual lines. Nowadays, this designer tries to create two collections per year, with unique and limited garments which are divided into five different lines, with products suitable for  man and/or woman, perfect for fitness/training, dance, running, yoga or just for a casual moment.

The concept behind the brand “Fitness Fashion” is the base for the creation of premium garments, adequate to the more demanding physical activities but always with a strong concept on design and visual impact. Susanagateira® products went through a long and rigorous process, from the initial sketch by the designer until being ready for use. Several shapes and materials were tested along this process to, in the end, get a piece of garment that will have a very high comfort level, adequate ergonomics, high durability and unique look.The continuous search for innovative solutions, allows the regular combination of different materials to achieve a higher performance and comfort of the garments. 

Susanagateira® uses the most advanced and technically evolved fabrics and materials, mainly:

 Cotton – Fabric made of natural fibres. Products made of cotton fabrics are light, soft and give you maximum comfort.

Tactel ® - A fabric which concept is based on comfort and thermo regulation properties. Its structure helps to maintain your body temperature controlled in good values, promoting sweat evaporation very quickly. Your body will keep dry and your temperature stable. This will delay fatigue and will help to improve your performance and comfort.

 Interloc® – It is a fabric made from artificial and technically fibres, which promotes great resistance in maintaining colour and shape to the product and also durability. Made entirely in polyester, these products will dry up very quickly. They are also easy to maintain in great condition with basic home care.

 Dry Clim® e Aqua Fit® – Technologically made fabrics, using micro fibres, that will promote sweat and humidity transfer to the outside. This property will give you maximum comfort and well-being. It will also help to control your body temperature which is essential to achieve an optimal physical performance and the comfort of having your skin always dry. Designed for high levels of physical activities. Quick dry. Made of 100% Polyester.

 Microfresh® – High technology fabrics developed with the use of micro fibres, to improve athlete comfort. With its particular soft touch, it will promote sweat evaporation, controlling body heat and avoiding sweat concentration in your body. Quick dry, made of Polyamide (90%) and Elasthane (10%).

 Supplex® – This high technology fabric uses micro fibres to achieve unique properties. It looks like cotton, but has the comfort and elasticity of lycra. Frequently describe as “a second skin” and known for its “hold-you-in” sensation, gives your body the highest support level and a smooth shape. Also, it is durable and resistant due to little tiny filaments of nylon (Polyamide). It allows excellent sport performance and a much wider liberty. Their unique properties (breathable, moisture resistant) reduce odour formation and helps maintaining a constant body temperature. High durability and resistance with a perfect fit to your body. Made of Polyamide (90%) and Elasthane (10%). Compression Level: Very High

EMANA® - High-tech fabric with bioactive crystals that helps reducing the signs of cellulite and improving skin elasticity. It offers better thermo-regulation and has a cooling effect. It also has a shinier look and silky touch and feel. Compression Level: High