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B Pop and Fun Baggy Jeans - H142
B Pop and Fun Baggy Jeans - H142

B Pop and Fun Baggy Jeans - H142

Freedom, fun and style!


  Made from cotton, this item has a good durability being resistant to damages. It has water-absorbing capacity without getting damp and has a low drying capacity. 

   It has also a low thermal-conductivity, therefore it is a great product to use all year (in summer prevents your skin from heat and in winter it preserves the warmth of your body).  

   Has low elasticity properties so it almost doesn’t stretch. High piling resistance. It is easy washable/iron.



Denim baggy jeans with very lose fit 

100% cotton

Unique and stylish design:

Each jean as a unique colour design from the colour treatment applied to each item

Elastic waist with drawstrings for customized fit 

Ribbed, fitted cuffs

 Two front side pockets

Two back pockets, one with application of brand logo 

Perfect for hip hop, skateboarding. Can be wear all year.


Product Specifications

Color: Blue / Red Denim

100% Cotton