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Glamour Hooded Zip Jacket- W240
Glamour Hooded Zip Jacket- W240
Glamour Hooded Zip Jacket- W240

Glamour Hooded Zip Jacket- W240

     From our Elegance collection of fitness apparel, arrives this soft, comfortable and glamorous jacket with zip and hood. The perfect solution to keep the chill out.

     It’s made of a premium fiber from the union of polyamide and elastane. It is a strong, very elastic and comfortable fabric that will give your body a high support level and a smooth shape. It is a durable product and doesn’t shrink, fade or loses its shape. It is an extremely breathable fiber, producing a resistant product to odour and moisture which confers him quick dry proprieties. Promotes a more efficient perspiration.

  • Lightweight
  • Give your body a smooth shape.
  • Doesn’t shrink, fade or loses its shape even after washing several times. Easy home caring.
  • Quick dry to promote your wellbeing and healthy workout
  • Extremely elastic and soft material for a better fit and comfort
  • Breathable fabric
  • Two front pockets to keep some of your small items
  • Higher fitting collar and Hood for more comfort in outdoor workout/ leisure moments (protect wind, rain, cold)
  • Strategically inserted fabric in light grey with small blue sparkling dots for a stylist and unique design
  • Long sleeves to keep the chill out keeping you warm
  • Perfect for cold days/ nights, outdoor and indoor workout (for example running, cycling, jogging) relax and casual moments
  • Perfect to wear with leggings, ¾ pants


Product Specifications

Color:  White / Printed

90% Polyamide

10% Elasthane